Sandbox media website, DIG THE TEA explores ways to create moments of indulgence through “Tea Time” and uses Instagram and Twitter to deliver heart-melting moments.

  • Stories that dig deep into various people, objects and scenes
  • Photographs and videos that convey our concept
  • Products and scenes by creatives
  • Additional stories behind our interviews

Our posts will share news on DIG THE TEA articles and content, time-melting scenery we encountered on our journeys, and perspectives of our “dots” who inspire our playful spirit.


Official Instagram Account @digthetea

In our Stories, we will share videos and photographs from our interview sites.


Official Twitter Account @DigtheTea

At DIG THE TEA, we present new ways for individuals to create positive escape through “tea-like” moments. Please follow us on our social media accounts.

Come with us. Let “Tea Time” begin.

Project Infinitea
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Let your heart melt away in moments as fleeting as the stream at full flood.