On July 1st 2021, Project Infinitea launched DIG THE TEA, a “sandbox” media website. Project Infinitea aims to “create moments of indulgence in everyday life”, and the DIG THE TEA website explores new ways to indulge in “Tea Time”.  

At DIG THE TEA, producers, creatives and people who gather in this community are identified as “dots”, or those who dig deep to find products and scenes around the world that strike creative curiosity. Such discoveries will be featured and shared on this website.

Everyday, we find ourselves constantly being pushed for time. Because of the changes in technology and lifestyle, we often find ourselves with less time to work, learn, and spend time with our loved ones.

At DIG THE TEA, we present new ways for individuals to create positive escape. 

Come with us. Let “Tea Time” begin. 

Project Infinitea
Contact us for inquiries at: {mto}

Let your heart melt away in moments as fleeting as the stream at full flood.