Let your heart melt away in moments as fleeting as the stream at full flood.

DIG THE TEA is an experimental "sandbox" website which explores the moments we indulge in tea, and reimagines how we can enjoy the experience of our time melting away. We connect producers, creatives, and anyone who identifies with our concept, and share what we find.

What “Tea Time” means for us

Everyday we are constantly being pushed for time. Because of the changes in technology and lifestyle, we often find ourselves with less time to work, learn, and spend time with our loved ones.

But what if we took a moment of our time to stop and indulge in “Tea Time”, and brought rhythm back into our lives?

DIG THE TEA explores this newfound “time” that we can utilize for a positive escape.

What’s on DIG THE TEA

DIG THE TEA takes a close look at moments of indulgence through stories about creatives designing playful experiences, products that melt our time away, getaways that provide an escape from your daily routines, and experimenting with new ideas.

About News

The latest information on DIG THE TEA will be posted on our NEWS page.